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Executive Director

Scott Friedson, Executive Director  
Scott Friedson is a Texas licened public adjuster and consumer advocate for residential and commercial property insurance consumers (policyholders).  

He beat incredible odds to successfully drive HB 1841 and pass a new law which abolished sales tax previously required by public adjusters to charge consumers on insurance claim services.   The bill received 100% support from both the Texas House and Senate and went into effect on October 1, 2015.

Friedson also rigorously opposed anti-consumer friendly SB 1628 testifying against this dangerous proposed by insurance carriers and offered solutions to increase policyholder protection during the 84th legislative session.  SB 1628 bill ultimiately failed but the sinister nature of the bill to attack chapters 541 and 542 of the Texas Insurance Code while providing immunity and hollowed out damages for unfair and deceptive trade practices as well as fair and prompt indemnificaton for Texas Policyholders cannot be ignored.  

Texas Policyholder Advocates was founded by Friedson who currently serves as its President to proactively work for Texas insured's rights and support consumers by raising awareness and advocating for legislation that increases consumer protection and industry education relating to property damage insurance claims including:

- Reduction of unnecessary litigation.

- Improved coverage and lower deductibles.

- Prompt and fair claim handling practices.

- Licensing of Roofers and Contractors

- Recovery of expenses Policyholders incur for licensed professionals and appraisals.

- Texas Licensing of Roofers and Contractors